Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Train to Astorga

There may be more soothing experiences than riding the rails thru autumnal northern Spain while the rains pours outside & I listen to Miles Davis' Sketches of Spain, but, for me, it ranks among my most memorable train travels. I love trains--they are the perfect setting to let your thoughts drift & flow with the rocking of the train. The car is quiet as most passengers are either sleeping or drifting through their own memories. My earliest train memories were those of taking the sleeper from Chicago to Denver as a student, loving the slower transition of train travel in comparison to air travel (& that was before flying ranked up there with a trip to the dentist.) But my true romance with train travel occurred when I took a year off from college & travelled around europe and then India almost solely by train. Back then it was incredibly cheap with a student pass (but that was also when you could travel round trip to Europe on Icelandic Air for $160 with an open return!). My last unforgettable train experience was the night sleeper to Marrakech, waking up in the morning in the Moroccan desert with the pink city of Marrakech in the distance. I think there is another trip riding the trains of Europe in my near future.
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Location:Calle de Santiago,Astorga,Spain

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