Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Final two days in Finisterre

Crazy winding bus trip to Finisterre, nice lodgings & some time to get ready to reenter the non-Camino world. One beautiful day of sunshine, followed by a delightfully restful day of rain when I sat out on the terrazzo drinking cafe con leche, reading a novel, and then found great Australian massage woman. I wanted to end the travel part of this blog with some photos of Finisterre, a charming fishing village that was once considered the end of the world.

Rocky Atlantic coast

Finisterre village life

Dusk as I wander back from my massage to the beach

Sunset at the edge of the world

And goodbye to the Camino & the life of the pilgrim. What a fabulous experience it all has been. Feels like another Camino may await me in the not to distant future.


  1. I just came across this site through the Camino forum. I love your sunset photos!

    I hope you get to do your next Camino soon.


  2. Thanks for sharing... I love the village shot with all the warm and vibrant colors. Your beach shot reminded me very much of a solitary beach I once found myself on in Northern Australia!