Saturday, September 18, 2010

Day #8 - Triacastela to Sarria - 25 kms/15.5miles (8 hours)

Here's a map of today's walk:

Although this was too far a walk for me, it was a gorgeous one: through small hamlets, following along the Rio Oribio for most of the day. I met my second American, a woman from Oregon, who said that the landscape looked a lot like where she walks near Eugene.

It was the perfect day for Velvia film, 400 speed, with endless variations in the color green.

Until the last 5 miles, my feet felt like they were pretty much recovered from the abuse they have suffered, but too much walking led to something of a relapse. Nonetheless, it was a beautiful day for walking and enjoying the lush landscape.

About halfway to Sarria, I reached the Monasterio de Samos, apparently the oldest monastery in the western world. Unfortunately, I was unable to take a tour (everything is always closed in the afternoon), but it was nevertheless quite impressive.

I ended up at a great albergue, small with lots of personal attention & finally had a fantastic pizza--real food! My good mood has returned.

Have planned a short day for tomorrow with the hope of foot recovery in the near future.

Passing over the river on a bridge with the ever present scallop shell design.

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  1. You did real well. See you when you get home. I am glad you had a chance to the hike and the stamina to see it through.