Friday, September 10, 2010

Day # 3 - Acebo to Ponferrada 16.5 kms./ 7 hrs. Walking

This was a beautiful walk thru the attractive mountain village of Riego de Ambros & then onto the historical village of Molinaseca where there is a crystal clear/freezing cold river where I soaked my painful feet. Unfortunately, the day was marred by the unrelenting pain of injured feet. Last night at dinner some of the more experienced pilgrims were talking about which day of the Camino when they seriously considered quitting--almost always related to physical distress. Actually, this morning the girl from Brazil announced she was returning to Barcelona as her friend had left & she did not think she could do it alone. I did not consider quitting today, but thought about the idea of my feet not healing during the trek & how much the discomfort was slowing me down, especially on the uneven descents. So I decided that I am going to have my bag transported tomorrow (even tho it means I have to walk further than I would like) because I need to give my feet a chance to recover. But it was really nice to arrive at the Friends of the Camino Albergue where there was a person who attended to the feet of all who were hurting, applying disinfectant & new bandages. Also on the walk, a guy who heard i was looking for some pain killing ointment but the farmacia was closed, gave me his creme which helped a bit (probably the placebo effect, but who cares). I am going to try to find some ways to lessen the load on my poor feet (legs & back feel fine--much better than after the plane ride!) so that I can better appreciate the scenery & the history surrounding me.

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Location:Av del Castillo,Ponferrada,Spain

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