Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Day #7 - Cebreiro to Triacastela - 20.7 kms/12.9 miles

Since Astorga, I have walked 129.8 kms/70.7 miles & have 142.3 /88.4 miles to Santiago de Compostela!

I was going to write that today was not very good, but a more accurate description was that it sucked. It was hot with a rocky path that descended for nearly the entire day with little variation in scenery. I was more tired physically than I have been (perhaps a function of my nearly protein-free diet-I would starve if I lived here), but was hanging in there with the help of Lucinda, Robert Earl Keen & Gypsy Kings until my iPod battery expired. The only people going slower than me had either genetic disabilities or had more serious Camino-related injuries. I arrived in Triacastela exhausted & with a burning sun rash on the back of my legs only
to discover that my mochila was not in the albergue as arranged & the taxista responsible for transporting it had his phone disconnected. AND there were no beds to be found due to camino overload. They say that the Camino causes everyone to be reduced to tears & this was apparently my day! I was on the phone with the guy who owns the cafe/bar where I left it, with a friend of the taxista, Jesus, and everyone had a bunch of ideas--none of them at all helpful. I finally called my guardian angel from Madrid, Jose Luis, who used up the battery of his phone (mine was already gone with no charger available without my backpack). After several hours of detective work (of which my Spanish was not capable) we checked another albergue on the other side of town & Gracias a Dios, it was there!! 9:30 at night & I can finally take a shower & get out of my sweaty clothes. I don't think I will add any illustrations, but I am sure that without my friend's assistance, I would not be able to complete this walk. Today's lesson is that I can't do it all alone. Time for bed and hopes for a better day.

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Location:Calle de Leoncio Codorniga,Triacastela,Spain


  1. Wow Dusty! Sounds like you've hit the wall today. No iPod either when you needed it the most! Hopefully by the time you read this you are doing better!

    Any words of wisdom that come to mind feel insignificant. I stand in awe at what you have accomplished already. You're the one!

  2. Hi Dusty. I´m José Luis. My english is very bad, but I´ll try to explain one thing. I´m very happy for can i help you with your mochila. Another person did the same like me.
    Now, i´m in my home. My holidays in France finished.I´ll try to improve my english for talk with you in your language.
    I know you finished The Camino, and i think you return to Austin.
    We can talk by e-mail.
    Was incredible all we pass together. You´ve have got in me.
    Take care.

  3. Excuse me, I want to said you´ve have got a friend in me.