Saturday, September 18, 2010

Day #9 - Sarria to Morgade - 12 kms.

Today's highlight was the discovery of a Peregrino Outfitter store where I was able to purchase ANOTHER pair of shoes: this time some closed-toe Tevas that, so far, are not aggravating my current set of blisters (the worst being those on the underside of both heels: turns out that it's difficult to walk without touching the bottoms of one's feet) or creating new ones. But I am hesitant to get too optimistic since I walked such a short distance. I have decided that I am NOT going to do any walks that exceed 20 kms. even tho that means relinquishing the hope of walking to Finisterre (will just go by bus).

Mural on church in Sarria showing portraits of pilgrims in varying states of distress.

Typical scene of walk through woods.

Cool tree with cycle of peregrino.

I reached the current albergue early & have had time to read and rest. Usually, I am arriving so late that there is hardly time to eat before they turn out the lights & lock the door. I am now off to try to call the taxista about a ride for my mochila tomorrow. Nice to have an easy day.

Location:Calle del Mercado,Palas de Rei,Spain

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