Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Day #6 - Ruetilan to O Cebreiro - 11 kms/5 hours

Very peaceful & contemplative day walking alone on the route which winds thru pastoral lands & then wooded paths, all generally uphill as I leave the province of Leon & enter Galicia.

Today I notice more about both the changes that happen every day here, but also the shifts within each day itself, both within myself & around me. I notice that I tend to feel quiet and thoughtful for the first couple of hours, feeling very tuned into the sounds and visual stimuli in my environment, and not anxious to interact much. Later, I find myself chatting more, enjoying the company of other pilgrims and speaking with the people in the villages. And for the last hour or two, i like listening to music and enjoying my thoughts. Each day of the Camino feels entirely different from the last, bit because the scenery changes, but the people change as all as everyone mocha forward at their own pace. Interestingly, I have met only one other American & he is also from AUSTIN! He is traveling with his girlfriend or wife from Colombia who has previously done this walk, this time in his company.

The mornings are quite cold (could see my breath his morning) and by midday, it's time for shorts & sunscreen, at times almost as warm as Texas. Also seems that I am watching the coming of fall.

And finally we reach Galicia & immediately hear the bagpipes characteristic of all Celtic lands. Tomorrow I head for Tricastela.

I hope there will be some wifi in the next couple of days so I will be able to post these photos.

Location:Calle de Leoncio Codorniga,Triacastela,Spain

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