Monday, September 20, 2010

Day 13 - Arzua to Arco do Pino (20.2 kms)

Since beginning this Camino walk on September 8th, I have walked 252 kms. or in American, 156.3 miles - no buses, taxis, horses or trains! And not a day without blisters (it's not that I get new ones, just that the original ones never get a chance to heal because I keep aggravating them!). Only 20.1 kilometers to go and though I think I am really going to miss the walking, it will be great to give my feet & legs a break.

This day started as do they all: pack up in the dark, go for cafe con leche & toast, and then walk for a couple of hours before the morning coffee & snack break. Each day there are more pilgrims & I need to call ahead to guarantee I will have a place to sleep.

morning in the woods

afternoons in the rural meadows

accompanied by many peregrinos from all over the world and of all ages (yesterday there was an 82 year old man whom has done the Camino every year for the past 20 years!)

The one unfortunate event of the day was that I tripped just walking across the street (!) and skinned my knee and hands, but also hit my head on the paved road and have a big bump/bruise. After all the difficult to navigate ascents covered with rocks, i can hardly believe that I fell on a smooth, level surface. Luckily, I was walking with two women celebrating their 50th birthdays by doing the Camino & they helped bandage me up since I had run out of my supply of gauze & medical tape. I am actually off right now to be treated at the local Red Cross where I have had excellent service earlier on this trip. Then, as always, the search for nourishment.

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  1. Your photos have captured a "feeling", a sense of the place, and of your internal experience. Thanks for sharing them.