Thursday, September 2, 2010

Ready to Go Part 2

Okay.  Now I am packed & have carried my (too heavy) pack up & down the hills of my neighborhood and feel that I am as ready as I am going to get.  I wish I had done yesterday's six mile walk fully loaded about two weeks ago, but.... I didn't, so now its just a question of whether I will follow my "proposed walking schedule" in Spain or will do an abbreviated version.  I am just ready to get going.  And slightly frustrated that I have had to change my original plan to reach Santiago at the end & have to spend the day & night there at the beginning so that I can take a day train to Astorga the next day.  So it turns out that I will be taking my planned "rest days" at the beginning of the trip rather than in the midst of it.  Oh well.  I feel sure that this is only the beginning of the changes that I will have to adapt to as I go along.  I am sure that there is potential for spiritual growth here (?).  I am mostly writing this to check out whether "signing up" for the blog means that the person gets updates whenever I make a post.  So I am checking that out.  Even tho I will be leaving in three days, I won't actually hit the Camino itself for nearly a week, so patience will be important.

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