Sunday, July 19, 2015

More Dingle Town

So Dingle has been all about rain & music. It has been like attending an Irish music festival where you can always get a good seat.  Tomorrow will be my last day  in Dingle and then I head back. Here are a few of the musicians I saw/heard during my stay here. I have tried to post some videos, but so far no luck. Maybe when I get back to my high speed internet, I will be more successful. I want to say that this a fantastic country to visit: remarkably friendly people everywhere, glorious music, beautiful views when the rain & fog clear, and the best place ever to drink lattes, eat scones and read Irish literature in cafes. If you have not been here, start making plans to do so. It's a marvelous country.

Here are some photos of the town itself which has a lovely harbor as well as delightful galleries, pubs and a multitude of cafes and bookstores.  I could definitely come here again.

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