Friday, July 3, 2015

Day 5 - Wicklow Way - To Moyne

Today was the first day I walked the entire day with another person when I walked with Stefanie, a woman from Germany who lives and works in Dublin.  Her husband was at a music festival in Denmark, so she decided to do this trek alone as did I.  It was a nice change to chat with someone during a pretty long day (about 25 kilometers) and she also got me to speed up quite a bit.  From this point on, there is no spectacular scenery, but I am enjoying hill walking through rural areas.  We stayed in a nice B&B, and I had the best meal thus far on the trek, cooked by the owner of the inn.  However, the result of faster walking was that I was barely able to remain awake through dinner, had quite a aching legs, and went to bed early.  I decided not to carry a camera due to blisters and a wish to lighten the weight, so no photos.

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