Thursday, September 1, 2011

Markina a Mendata - August 29, 2011

This was a fantastic day of walking under cloudy skies, cool weather and through the lush countryside covered with wildflowers. It was the Camino del Norte I had expected: challenging (7 hours with a break for lunch) but not so exhausting that I could not appreciate the scenery or the company.

                               Wildflowers everywhere.

                               Grape vine along the road.

                           Lone cyclist riding down the Camino road.

This cottage might be found in a fairytale: surrounded by flowers and nestled in the greenery.

If I had video capabilities, I would post a (probably funny, but possibly embarrassing) video of Sergio's impression of the reason that my walks are so long: adjusting my backpack, repeatedly tying my shoes, cleaning my sunglasses, fooling with my iPod, searching for sunscreen-- you get the idea. He is (probably correctly) convinced that, were I to just WALK, I would arrive significantly sooner and have fewer problems.  

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  1. Hehe... I´m like you...what´s the fun of only "walk" ??