Saturday, June 27, 2015

Dublin Day 3 - Part 2

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The rebels were able to hold Dublin for 7 days before surrendering in order to prevent additional civilian casualties.  The British General in charge decided to treat all the leaders of the rebellion as traitors rather than prisoners, executing the whole crew excepting the women.  And as frequently occurs with military actions, there were significant unintended consequences of this strategy.  The populace of Ireland were galvanized by this cruel treatment, and even those not supportive of the uprising became radicalized such that the struggle for independence continued unabated.  There was eventually a treaty with England which allowed a degree of self-rule, but the taste for independence was not satiated.  After the release of the remaining prisoners in 1918, the party of Sinn Féin won 75% of the seats in the new Irish Parliament, and they set up courts, etc., which functioned better than those run by the British.  The treaty was with only 26 of the 32 counties, and an 18 month long civil war ensued.  However, by 1937, there was a Republic of Ireland.  Unlike the U.S. And France, there was never an actual day of independence since liberation from Britain was a slow process.  So, to this day, the Easter Rebellion of 1916 is celebrated as the beginning of Irish independence from British rule.  The story of Northern Ireland will have to wait for another trip.  So next year will likely be a great time to visit Dublin and share in the centennial celebration. 

So I had been trying to think of a way to communicate the ambiance of this city and how it reminds me of the energy and playfulness of Austin in the 70's and 80's.  So on my way back from the Rebellion Tour, I encountered Dublin's Gay Pride Parade.  I was treated to an ongoing informative commentary on the various groups involved by a young man from Germany who has made Ireland his home.  As I hope will be evident from my photos, this was an exuberant crowd

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