Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Day 2 - Wicklow Way to Oldbridge

This was the day I questioned my sanity about making this trek.  This was most certainly one of the most strenuous hikes I can recall and likely made more difficult by the fact that my entire body hurt from the previous day's mountain trek.  It involved a 1500+ ft elevation change (several times) with inclines of about 60 degrees.  No mountain bikers today.  So my legs were sore & shaky and the trek already felt perilous due to high winds and steepness of the terrain.  I think I was very fortunate that it did not rain as that would have been terrifying if the rocks had been slippery.  I kept thinking that the trail would start heading down, but then it continued to climb.  Finally, when it started to become comparatively flatter, there was a raised wooden foot path which continued for a couple of kilometers and which felt particularly hazardous in the high winds.  Unlike some other hikes I have done, there really was no turning back once it was started.  However, I also have to say that I saw several 70+ year old men just sailing along without much trouble (these are the famous "hill walkers" of Irish & British nationalities.).  By the time I got down off the mountain, it was getting late and I still had an additional 7+ kilometers to my B&B and I just couldn't do it.  So I called "Seamus" (the perfect Irish name) who picked me up and took me into the nearby town so I could get some food (which appears a challenge on this Wicklow Way Walk) and then the pub owner drove me back to the B&B.  Nice service.  I wish I had not been near psychotic with exhaustion as the room was beautiful with a king size bed and embroidered duvet cover.  They also had what they called a "steam heat room" which is where the house pipes run and it is a hot room for drying clothing.  So I was able to do some wash, slept wonderfully, and awoke to a vegetarian Irish breakfast of porridge with cream with a side of muesli and fruit.  So I was still sore, but in the process of recovery.  As a side note, the woman who ran the B&B said that many times guests have turned up with injuries from this walk, particularly due to the high winds.


  1. It is hard to capture by camera, but the second photo is looking back at a very steep decline that requires walking from rock to rock without slipping and breaking your neck. Had it been raining and slippery, I really have no idea how I would have managed.

  2. But you would have. I know.