Thursday, May 22, 2014


After three nights in Lisbon, we said goodbye to Susan (who had decided a while back, but after the purchase of airline tickets, that she was going to forgo the walk & visit friends in the UK instead) and headed to the train station.  Of course we all brought more stuff than absolutely necessary since we were planning to send some stuff by taxi.  So this is where the trip veered off the itinerary: Michelle was walking down the long flight of steps to get to the metro that would take us to the intercity train when she tripped and injured her foot.  It seemed to be only a bruise, but we would discover much later that it was a bit more serious.

The Lisbon train station had wonderfully colorful murals (which we would see all over the country):

We arrived in Porto in time for a short tour:

Mural on church ceiling

Big open space for kids, students & lovers

One of the 10 "Laughing Men" statues in the park: guide tells us they are laughing at the absurdity of all the corrupt government officials.

View of Porto

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