Thursday, May 22, 2014

Day 2: São Pedro de Rates to Barcelos

We had already decided that the recommended stage was too long (27+ kms), so Margie and Kim started the walk at Arcos, and Syd and I chose a slightly shorter stage from Rates.  Meanwhile, the hotel staff helped to make an appointment for Michelle to get her foot x-rayed.  This walk was now on the main Camino path & the waymarks were excellent.  So much better for someone with a terrible sense of direction.  Some rain, but enough sunlight to periodically get dry.  Flowers, flowers....everywhere.  With so much moisture, it appears that everything grows, and there is color all around.  A pleasant walk until we get the news that Michelle's foot is broken and there will be no Camino on foot.  I feel so disappointed: had looked forward to have this time with she & Syd-- both friends from my former home if Austin.  And I so wanted to have her experience the peace and beauty that had repeatedly pulled me back to this retreat.  By the time we met up back in the hotel, we were all depressed & Michelle was devastated, thinking she would be returning to the US in a few days.   Finally, we decided as a group that we would revise my carefully devised plan and we would do a somewhat different Camino than anticipated.  I am not known for my flexibility, but I know I don't want Michelle to leave and then have to sit at home and not have help getting around.

Fountain by church for pilgrims to fill water bottles.

No idea what kind of flower, but very impressive 

House in the country

More lovely flowers

Idyllic setting

Village church

View if small village we passed through


Sign with both St. James (Santiago) & the symbolic shell of our journey

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