Monday, September 2, 2013

Day 3 & 4 - On the Colorado River - August 29 & 30

Another early morning and a group consisting of about 15 adults and 20 Boy Scouts embark on a rafting trip on the Colorado. Recent rains meant the river was higher than usual and the color of red clay. I was a bit apprehensive that I might find such a "float" boring or under stimulating, but there were some inflatable kayaks available, so I chose to kayak instead of riding the raft. I ended up having the least likely (for me) kayaking partner: a 30-something guy from south Texas who called me "ma'am" the entire time, who voted for Rick Perry every election, is a proud gun-owner and hunter, and has zero interest in technology (would never be on Facebook)-- sort of everything I wanted to escape when departing Texas!! However, I much preferred having him as a co-pilot to one of the 12-year-old boys (who had ongoing water fights throughout the trip) and he turned out to be a fantastic partner: noticed wildlife I missed, happily waited as I unpacked my camera from its waterproof container, and approached the rapids with a confidence I lacked. I heard about his upbringing in foster care and how this was his first vacation in nine years. He teased me about all my liberal views and I ranted about the politics of Texas. Altogether, a great match. We camped out on the river bank, and if they could have found a way to provide showers, I would have cheerfully kayaked the river for a week. The trip was more than I expected, with exhilarating rapids and amazing views if the sandstone cliffs.
Day 1 of river trip.
Evening camp:

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