Sunday, June 1, 2014

Finisterre: End of the Earth

Long ago, Cape Finisterre was thought by many Europeans to be the end of the world.  Some of the pilgrims who walk to Santiago go on to hike to Finisterre (another 4 day walk), but most either never go or take public transportation as we did.  It is a small and lovely seaside village and serves as a great place to decompress after the stress of daily walking.  Since we had already adjusted our itinerary, we had time to spend two nights at Finisterre.  So I am sharing some photos, especially of my favorite Camino cat of all time.
Fisherman looking for shellfish

A photo of the coast in the evening

The village of Finisterre (lots of colors)

My favorite cat of the Camino: so beautiful!

Gorgeous golden eyes

With his friend hanging out the window

Statue of Santiago the Pilgrim on the end of the walk to the Finisterre Lighthouse

The prototypical end of Camino photo

Kim & I at the 0.00 km Camino marker

We've arrived!!

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