Saturday, April 12, 2014

Chicas on the Camino Portugués

In 4+ weeks, five of us (3 from Albuquerque and 2 from Austin) will head to Lisbon and then onto Porto, Portugal to begin the 150 mile Camino walk to Santiago de Compostela, Spain.  We have each been doing training walks, weighing our backpacks and trying to determine the difference between what we NEED to bring versus what we would like to have with us.   After two prior Camino walks, I am convinced that the success of this venture depends upon have the right shoes & carrying the least weight possible.  I am committed to carrying no more than 15 lbs., but may carry even less and send some snacks & extra clothing ahead by taxi.  Still to be determined.  After checking that I can blog successfully from this iPad, I will head out for another training walk to insure I will be blister-free on the trip.  Also need to see if I can post photos. 

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