Saturday, August 20, 2011

Everything but the kitty - August 20, 2011

    Emma letting me know that she is not at all happy about me packing.

                      I wonder if she would like a trip on the Camino?

I leave tomorrow for Spain & my second Camino walk & thought I should see if I can recall how to blog from my iPad.  Packing has been (as always) a challenge because it seems that I always want to take more than I can actually either fit in my backpack or am capable of carrying.  I was able to stuff it all in (except the kitty who very much wants to see Spain). Fortunately, this time I will have a compañero del Camino who has promised to help with the overflow as HE does not mind wearing the same clothes everyday.
              Sergio on Mont Blanc, Chamonix, France (August, 2011)

Now you, like me, might be thinking that this guy who just climbed the highest peak in western Europe, looks like he might just be in a bit better physical condition than I, and you would be correct.  This is the reason that I refer to Sergio as my traveling companion as opposed to my walking companion since I firmly believe that he will spend the better part of the afternoon "tomando cervezas" or napping as I slowly complete the walk to our appointed destination (see title of this blog).  I am also hoping that he saves the top bunk for me (I get claustrophobic on the bottom).  We met last year while I was trudging along with my blisters & he was cycling the entire 500 miles, and connected as he was the only other person I met who was keeping a blog of the journey:  He has also been a fantastic Spanish tutor for the past year (faithfully correcting my emails).  So I have high hopes for a bilingual blog & a "Buen Camino!" for us both.  We will be walking a section of the Camino del Norte, beginning in San Sebastian.  Following is a link to the main Camino site where there is a map of the intended walk:  Sergio is also a fantastic photographer, so we should have some good photos as well.

I need to go finish my packing & send out the link to this blog which (I hope) will have entries at least every few days. 

Location:Austin, Texas


  1. Dusty,
    This must be very exciting for you!
    I would love to do that some day especially is Spain. you are going to see wonderful places. I hope you photo document them and post them on our blog so we all could "walk"with you.
    P.s. You haven't set the "followers" section available. I couldn't sign in as a follower.

  2. Dusty,
    Don't pay attention to the last part of my last comment. I already could sign in as your follower.

  3. Hi Dusty,

    Hope you enjoy your well trained for walk. Look forward to hearing about it. The kitties will miss you, but be fine. Alli is giving them lots of love.

  4. Dr. Humes,
    Assuming you're in Spain, or close, I hope that the trip was smooth and that you arrived with all gear intact, including yourself!

    Forgive my aggressive advice before you left. I was in "know it all" mode. Happens sometimes. However, I hope that the tincture of benzoin made it into your pack. Also hope that you don't need it.

    Needless to say, it's still hotter than hell here in Tejas.

    We will miss you but are looking forward to your return and the telling of your marvelous travels.


    P.S. Kitties are doing fine.

  5. Dusty. Looking for forward to reading your blog. I'm leaving for the Camino from Canada on Sept 3rd and found your link through the Camino forum. Was reading the iPad comments because I'll be taking mine too.

    Buen Camino