Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Increasing the intensity

This is the first week that I have tried walking WITH my backpack & (not surprisingly) its harder than walking without one. But the good news is that only my legs were more tired--no back or neck discomfort, telling me that I have chosen what looks to be a good backpack for me. My goal is now to be walking five times per week for the remainder of the month (& then I will be off to SPAIN), with at least two of those with the load I plan to be carrying. I have been entertaining myself during the uphill walks by imitating the current NPR segment on "Road Warrior Music" where they interview people who travel for their jobs about what music they use to keep up their spirits, etc. So I have been constructing (in my head for now) my Camino Prep Playlist & thus far I would add the following: Jerry Jeff Walker's"L.A. Freeway"; Paul Simon's "Slip Slidin' Away; Lucinda Williams "Sweet Old World" and Robert Earl Keen's "Feelin' Good Again". On my reading list currently is Walk in a Relaxed Manner: Lessons from the Camino by Joyce Rupp, a nun who walked the entire Camino when she was 60 years old and writes about the personal obstacles she encountered. Only one month to go.

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