Monday, July 12, 2010

July 12, 2010 - Getting ready for the Camino

Have plane ticket, bus ticket from Madrid to Astorga & hotel room for the first night, so I am feeling some degree of relief. I did not want to have to negotiate all of that after a night of insomnia aboard a crowded American flight. My early training was interrupted by the consequences of over-confidence: horrible sciatica which left me unable to walk at all for a few days & then out of service for two weeks. But since that time, I have been diligently training for the walk which is pretty impressive in this Texas heat. I am either breaking in my shoes or feet, and feel confident that I can resolve the blister issue before I leave (getting just the right padding for each area of my foot). I do not want to be one of those persons who photograph their bandaged & injured feet & post the picture on the Camino forum. Or one of those who have to quit after only a few days of walking. Those are my greatest fears right now.

For more general information about the Camino Franc�s, here is a link that provides a map & more information about the different "etapas" or stages of the walk:

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